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Notes from a Small Island
Bryson, Bill
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Book Collecting

Book collecting is a fascinating hobby, and interest in rare, antiquarian and secondhand books is growing all the time.

Use the links below to display a number of articles by Robert Newbury, Ardis director, who started a business selling secondhand books from home in 1983. There are items about condition and storage of books, identifying and finding first editions, and individual collecting areas. Many of these are adapted from his articles originally published in Book and Magazine Collector.

Please download any items which you think may be useful for reference purposes.

Bookseller Descriptions of items for sale
Book Collecting - the lighter side
Running a small postal books business
Collectable Books - How to find them
Collectable Books - How to price them
First Editions - How to find them
Folio Society Books
Easton Press Books
Franklin Library Books
Signed Books


Vladimir Nabokov - his life and work
Malcolm Saville Books

British Comics and Annuals

Comic Relief - a thing of the past
Gerry Anderson Comics
Gerry Anderson Annuals and Books
Gerry Anderson Bibliography
TV21 Comics
TV21 Comic Covers
Lady Penelope Comics
Lady Penelope Comic Covers
Countdown Comics
TV Action Comics
Look-in Comics
Scorcher Comics
Commando Comics
Giles Cartoon Annuals


The following items have appeared in various publications over the years. They are mostly humorous in content (well they made me laugh when I wrote them), and won't take more than five minutes or so to read.

Please let me know what you think of them, and feel free to suggest subjects for further items.

Subbuteo Football - Game for a laugh
What's the best UK comedy series?
The Avengers TV series
Crossroads TV series
Forty Years On
Party Fears Two - Politics, Love and Sex
Poetry - Nothing Rhymed
The horror of the JJ Ross Company Magazine

There is also a full length comic novel in bite size chunks if you are looking for a deeper experience, for which the above article was the initial spark. 'Nothing Serious' is a darkly comic love story about Guy Sanderson, who comes out of university and plans to become something in the city. He is serious about making money, but not about much else. But everything changes when he arrives at the interview at finance house J J Ross...

You can read the first chapter here:

Chapter 1

If you like it, please buy the Kindle version here:

Nothing Serious Kindle Version

and bring my dreams of being an unlikely internet millionaire just that little bit closer.

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