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We have tried to make the search process as easy to use as possible, but this page gives a few tips which may help.

To search the database of secondhand books for a pareticular book or author please enter a key word or phrase in the top search box. Typically choose the surname of the author (if known) or a few words from the title. The search is not case-sensitive, so searching on 'Trollope', 'TROLLOPE' or 'tRoLLopE' will yield the same results. To find all the books by or about Trollope, try entering 'trollope' (no quotes) in the search box. To find Folio Society books by or about Trollope you could enter 'trollope folio society'. To find a copy of Linda Tressel published by the Folio Society you could try 'trollope folio society tressel'. In general, the more words you search on, the fewer matches will be found, so it may be best to start with just one or two words and narrow down the search as necessary.

For a phrase, enter it as you would expect to find it in the book title, with words separated by a single space character. Please do not include quotation marks, punctuation marks or '+' or '-' symbols as they will be interpreted literally as part of the search phrase, which is almost certainly not what you want. Our search is more straightforward than the necessarily complex searches used by Search Engines such as Yahoo and Alta Vista.

Having entered the key word or phrase, please click on the 'search' button. The search will return all items containing the entered words. If no items contain the words, a blank form will be displayed.

The links on the left can also be used to browse the stock in many different ways. The Fiction and Non-Fiction links also have sub-menus with more detailed options.

If you find an item which you are interested in, please click the items title or number. This will bring up more information about the book, a picture of it, and instructions for buying online. You might like to read the definitions of item descriptions, if you are not familiar with them, before making a purchase.

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